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Thursday, August 31, 2006


The kumquat has (sadly) been neglecting her blog of late. She has also been neglecting statcounter, because, apparently, if she isn't paying attention to her blog, then other people aren't either. (see: the kumquat's perception of her own height*)

So, uh, she just checked statcounter and peered at the "recent keyword activity" section. (By far the most entertaining part.) Someone found her blog via a search for "boobs trying on bras." Now, the kumquat apologizes to this searcher, because she supposes that this faceless person in internetland was looking for naughty pitchers, and she is not in the habit of supplying such things. Unless, of course, one is turned on by her small lemon. Hubba hubba.

(Although she is really rather amused at the fact that this faceless one ended up here. Almost as amused as she was to see her blog linked on a "swinging" site-- and definitely not the kind of swinging she indulges in...)

However, the thing that really gets her is this: Why did the searcher feel the need to specify the body part that was trying on the bras? How many other body parts regularly count bras as part of their apparel?

Actually, maybe the kumquat doesn't really want an answer to that one.

*A while back, the kumquat realized that in her own mind, her height is constant. So, even though she wears shoes ranging from flat to shoes that add six inches to her height, her initial response to her friends is 'Wow, you've gotten shorter/taller!" Has the kumquat mentioned that she's a tad bit odd?


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