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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Do-It-Yourself Kumquat

The kumquat has been into domestic-y things lately. Which is both good and disturbing-- a description that works so well for many aspects of kumquatness...

For a very long time she has been determined to caulk her windows. This would decrease heat loss in winter, prevent cold air loss in summer, facilitate the understanding of the nature of dark matter and win the Kentucky Derby. (Mmm. Mint juleps.)

Yes, caulk would be a good thing. (Readers may now insert their own jokes here.)

Therefore, the kumquat has determined that she shall start with four harmless little windows in her den-like area. These are fully accessible without a ladder. (Most of her windows are rather tall. Just like she likes her men... Mmm. Men.) This plan has not yet been carried out, but she feels that it is nice to have a victim, err, goal picked out.

She then decided to brush up on her caulking skills online. It's been a while since she handled caulk, she felt she could use a reminder. Maybe some illustrations. Just for educational purposes, of course. Or maybe for the articles...

The thing is, the sites she finds (of course the problem may be be that it's the kumquat looking at these sites...) do nothing to staunch the flow of bad jokes running through her gutter-inhabiting little mind.

Some examples for the kumquat's dear (and dirty-minded) readers:

"remember to pull, don't push, the caulk"

"moving smoothly as you complete one stroke of the trigger and begin the next stroke"

"a few inches or feet of caulk" ["Feet"?!? Ai yi yi...]

"relieve the pressure inside the tube by releasing the trigger and pulling back on the rod to stop the flow of caulk"

"and further force the thick caulk into enough intimate surface contact to establish good adhesion" ["Adhesion"? Ouchie.]

"Tooling can be done with a finger - covered with a latex glove, wetted with some water or solvent or just bare, depending on the caulk used"

"Keep rags handy to clean up any mishaps, and clean up any problem areas right away since it is much more difficult to clean up dried caulk later"

You see, the kumquat looks on this blog as a service to her communtiy, a source of edification.

Because, really, doesn't everyone need to know how to properly handle caulk?


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