Adventures of a Dancing Kumquat

Following the saga of the little citrus with terpsichorean tendencies

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

R. I. P.

The kumquat has recently quit her job at the Museum of Produce Provenance and is looking for a new vocation (a.k.a. "A way to finance her dance and coffee habits").

Because of this new lack of idle computer time on Saturdays and Sundays, she's not sure how often she shall be positng for a while (the kumquat will now wait while you either whoop with glee or sob uncontrollably).

Of course, she was never quite sure how often she would be posting before, so she supposes everything is pretty much the same as always.

On another note, the kumquat now has a washing machine and dryer in her house, courtesy of the tangel(l)o's Emporium o' Electrical Things.

Now if any more cute boy produce offer her sexual favors in return for doing their laundry, she's ready.