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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Splish Splash

This morning, the kumquat put on shoes that are afraid of rain, not realizing that rain was lurking overheard.

Once at work, she changed into flip-flops, because they were there and because they were rain-proof. And because it's easier to run around in flip-flops than in heels. The kumquat shall wear heels later when she frolics with the loquat and the tangello.

At lunchtime, the kumquat went to go get lunch. And coffee. Mmm... coffee.

Food and coffee reside approximately 3 blocks away.

The kumquat walked. And while it was not actively raining, the ground was wet.

And the flip-flops flung dirt, water and leaves upwards onto the kumquat's bare lower legs (and a little bit on the hem of her skirt).

The kumquat is obviously not adequately dressed for this weather.

She needs mudflaps.

Preferably with silhouettes of nekkid men.


At 11:20 AM, Blogger junebee said...

I learned that about flip-flops. I would love to know what sort of job permits the wearing of flip-flops (other than beachside bar waitress!)


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