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Saturday, August 27, 2005


The kumquat seems to be on a literary binge lately. While out with the apricot and The banana (capitalization by request of The banana), she bought two books of poetry (or poem-try{pronounced "po-em-tree"}, as she occasionally calls it when the mood strikes her). She bought a book of T. S. Eliot and of William Carlos Williams. This is not of any particular significance, she just thought she'd share.

Today, the kumquat has a treat in store for her dear readers.
Today, her readers will experience some of the greatest artistic works known to produce.
Today, she shall present the magnetic poetry of the kiwi.

This one is definitely a kiwi composition (note the Edward Lear influence):

This next selection may or may not be a kiwi composition (does the kiwi remember?):
And finally, a couple of unknown or undisclosed origin:
Today's literary interlude brought to you by the kiwi, the kumquat and the letter "Q."


At 6:39 PM, Blogger Miss Kumquat said...

Update: The kiwi doesn't actually remember either, but she claims at least partial participation in the creation of the second one. The Rutabaga, the underappreciated tuber, probably also had something to do with it.


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