Adventures of a Dancing Kumquat

Following the saga of the little citrus with terpsichorean tendencies

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Animal Encounters

As the kumquat was driving to work this morning she saw an "interesting" sight. She saw a man with a dog.

Normally, she would describe the activity as "a man walking a dog," but that wouldn't be entirely accurate. There was a dog, with a collar on; and there was a leash attached to the dog's collar; and the man was holding the other end of the leash. The dog was walking. The man was not.

The man was on a bicycle.

The kumquats readers may be wondering why she is making such a big deal of this. It is not that unusual of a sight, they may be thinking. There were, however, two main points that made this a little more... unique.

The dog was a Great Dane.

And it was wearing a red and yellow propeller beanie.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Fun Fact o'Yesterday

The kumquat found out who the world's largest (by number produced) manufacturer of tires is.


As in the cute little blocks that make spiffy stuff and are impossible to get apart.

Today's public service announcement was brought to you courtesy of the kumquat's generous spirit.