Adventures of a Dancing Kumquat

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Friday, March 05, 2004

Erudite Edamame

The kumquat likes words. Interesting words, made up words, playing with words-- these are all very much appreciated by the kumquat.

The kumquat also appreciates authors who play with words. Ogden Nash, of course, being one of her favorites. (If her reading public is interested, she also recommends Dorothy Sayers, Dorothy Parker, and some e.e. cummings. But sometimes cummings just confuses the kumquat most dreadfully...)

Last night the kumquat and the lime went to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company. (which was VERY funny-- but the kumquat digresses-- again.) Before the show, these two citrus went to dinner and had edamame for an appetizer. One of the edamame decided to leap into the lime's lap. This inspired the kumquat to dub it an amorous edamame.

The lime maintains that it got caught in his sleeve, but the kumquat is not one to be bogged down by details.

Next, an edamame leapt out of its pod and onto the floor whilst the kumquat was trying to direct it to her mouth. This one was labeled an "adventurous edamame."

The lime and the kumquat, thus inspired, started playing with these adjectives and nouns. And variations of the above. They're kind of an odd mix of "Says You" and SAT analogies. These are some that the kumquat actually remembers. If you feel like emailing her yours, maybe she'll post them later. You'd be in the kumquat's blog!!! You'd be a STAR!!!

Or something.

Erudite Edamame = Smart Soybean
Eccentric Edamame = Silly Soybean
Lazy Legume = Slow Soybean
Ecclesiastical Edamame = Sacred Soybean = Pious, Penitent Peapod

Okay, she doesn't remember many. But here's a new one, inspired by the rain that is annoyingly starting to descend from the sky...

Expectorating Edamame = Spitting Soybean